The International Educators Group) was established to facilitate and promote discussion and publication of ideas by scholars from around the world in a small conference setting where researchers and business executives get to know each other, opening up opportunities for collaborations and for jointly seeking solutions to business problems. As the conferences held by the IAB are international in nature, they facilitate discussion of business issues encountered in many countries, providing learning opportunities even to established researchers.

To provide a friendly forum for the exchange of ideas in all major business disciplines through conferences which are held nationally and internationally, and through publication of peer reviewed journals in business fields. The peer review process would be very efficient and input would be provided in a very supportive and timely manner to produce journals with a modest page fee. To further teaching effectiveness, teaching workshops will be held at every conference, moderated by experienced instructors with excellent classroom performance records.

A platform where a new educational institution or the one starting to reinvigorate its program can come to form an alliance with an established organization that matches with its mission and be able to design and deliver a quality education program in a short period of time.