Welcome to IEG

The International Educators’ Group was established to facilitate and promote discussion and publication of research ideas by scholars from around the world in a small conference setting where researchers and business executives get to know each other, opening up opportunities for collaborations and for jointly seeking solutions to problems related with higher Education. As the conferences held by the IEG are international in nature, they facilitate discussion of higher education issues encountered in many countries, providing learning opportunities even to established researchers.

The International Educators Group is dedicated to both (i) help close the gap in quality of higher education through development of new strategies and utilization of information technology, and (ii) serve as a resource for dissemination of ideas and research work for improving quality of education as well help with the efficiency with which the content is delivered.

Infusion of information technology is playing a major role in the improvement in the delivery of education. For profit institutions are also leading the advances in the delivery of higher education. The objective of the upcoming conference is to look at the synergy between education, information technology and business fields. Papers in all areas of education, business and information technology are invited for the upcoming conference.