Archieves ~ JIES Vol. 1 No. 1


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  1. A Model To Improve Reading Proficiency Through Increased Involvement Of African American Parents; Sheila Saravanabhavan
  2. Student Motivation And Performance: Evidence Based On Introductory Economics Classes; Robin McCutcheon, Anandi P. Sahu
  3. Web 2.0 Social Networking Technologies & Student Engagement: An Evaluation Of An In-Class Question-Answer Sms Text Messaging System; C. Matt Graham, George Miaoulis
  4. Navigating The Sea Of Change:  Developing And Implementing An Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Core Curriculum; Molly Inhofe Rapert, William P. Curington
  5.  Innovative Approaches To A Multidisciplinary Program: Developing An Undergraduate Program In Health Information Management; Diane Murph, Michelle (Xiang) Liu, Alyson Eisenhardt
  6. University Mentoring: Creating An Association To Develop Student Careers; W. Earl Walker, A. Bruce Strauch, Wesley M Jones, Alicia Lopez Floyd
  7. Mentorship: A Critical Innovative Strategy To Improve Teaching In A Changing Mentorship Didactic Environment; Kofi Poku Quan