Dr. Rc. Saravanabhavan

Rc. Saravanabhavan, Ed. D. is an esteemed tenured professor in the Department of Educational Administration & Policy at Howard University School of Education.  Dr. Saravanabhavan has achieved national and global recognition in higher education with emphasis in special populations.    For more than 35 years, Dr. Saravanabhavan has dedicated his professional career, expertise and talent in the academic environment as a teacher, researcher and administrator spanning three continents – Asia, Africa and America.  It is noteworthy that Dr. Saravanabhavan has worked with people from diverse cultural and language groups including the Native Americans, Hispanic, Asians, Africans and African Americans.  Through committed academic leadership he has served Howard University School of Education administratively in the capacity of Dean, Associate Dean, Director of Graduate Studies; and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Negro Education. Dr. Saravanabhavan has published numerous research reports, manuals, books, and articles in areas relative to: disability and under-served populations, and the impact of globalization on school leadership preparation.