International Academy of Business Review

International Academy of Business Review is a peer reviewed publication targeted towards papers reflecting current thinking and research interests of the membership to present their theoretical and empirical research, to build collaborations and to promote of research on similar topics to help develop position papers on various topics.  Thus, generally speaking, papers presented at conferences or papers proposed for presentation are considered for publication in IABR (ISSN is 2332-8398).

Paper Submission Process:

Method 1 Recommended Method~ Kindly Register yourself and Upload the paper online.

Method 2 Submit a copy of your paper in Microsoft WORD electronically (as an email attachment) to:

Note: Please read author guidelines for submission.

For Further information please contact
Harish Gautam, Ph.D.
Asst Professor,
Commerce & Business Management,
Doaba College, Jalandhar
Aff to Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.
C. Matt Graham, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor of Management Information Systems,
Program Chair, 2014 IAB-IEG Conference,
Editor, Strategic Management and Leadership for Systems Development in Virtual Spaces & the IABR,
Maine Business School
University of Maine.